Project Summary - Deliverables


Date Title Link
Dec 15 Final Report 1
Dec 15 Executive Summary 2
Dec 15 Year 3 publishable summary 3
Dec 14 Year 2 publishable summary 4
Dec 13 Year 1 publishable summary 5


Number Title Nature Deliverable Date  Link if Public document
D 1.1 Audit template O Jan 2013 D1.1
D 8.1 Website Produced and Maintained O Feb 2013 D8.1
D 1.3 Demand Behaviour Survey R April 2013 D1.3
D 1.2 Energy Network Schematics O May 2013 Not public
D 2.1 Fully Specified Systems Design O July 2013 D2.1
D 2.2 Laboratory Validation Reports R Oct 2013 D2.2
D 3.1 Hardware and Software in Monitoring Mode O Oct 2013 request to restrict access
D 3.2 Communications Infrastructure / Central Server Established R Oct 2013 Not public
D 3.3 Weather Station Set Up at Each Site O Oct 2013 D3.3
D 4.1 Numerical Energy Network Models Developed and Validated R Oct 2013 Not public
D 4.4 Energy Saving Calculation Method O Oct 2013 D4.4
D 7.1 Models for Community Goal Prioritization R Oct 2013 D7.1
D 4.2 Demand and Renewable Prediction Algorithms Developed and Tested R April 2014 Not public
D 4.3 Optimisation and Control Algorithm Developed R June 2014 Not public
D 4.5 Full Specification of Combined DPA, Control and Optimisation Algorithms R June 2014 D4.5
D 5.1 Energy Management System validated in the communities O Aug 2014 D5.1
D 3.4 Pre-deployment Energy Data Collected from Each Validation Site R Oct 2014 D3.4
D 3.5 Baseline Energy Usage Report R Oct 2014 request to restrict access
D 5.2 Energy Orchestration System Activated O Oct 2014 D5.2
D 5.3 Initial Deployment Validation R Oct 2014 D5.3
D 7.5 Commercialisation Plan O Oct 2014 Not public
D 7.6 Joint - Venture Company R Oct 2014 D7.6
D 8.5 Dissemination Material Designed and Printed O Oct 2014 D8.5
D 5.4 Energy Monitoring Only Evaluation Report R Feb 2015 D5.4
D 6.3 Sensing Technology and its Applicability to Energy Control Systems R April 2015 request to restrict access
D 6.4 Data Driven Models to Characterise Demand and User Behaviour, Lifestyle Practices and Use of Technology R April 2015 D6.4
D 5.5 Interim Full Energy Control Deployment Report R May 2015 D5.5
D 6.1 Site Expansion Scenarios R June 2015 Not Public
D 5.8 Options for installing the ORIGIN Intelligent Energy Management Architecture R July 2015 D5.8
D 6.2 Community Recommendations R July 2015 request to restrict access
D 8.3 Replication Pack R July 2015 request to restrict access
D4.6 3 Phase Electrical System Model O July 2015 D4.6
D7.2 Community-level Business Models R Aug 2015 D7.2
D 7.3 Community / National Supply Interface Options R Aug 2015

D7.3 presentation

D7.3 framework

D7.3 updated

D 5.9 End User Engagement Strategy R Sep2015 request to restrict access
D 5.6 Final Full Energy Control Deployment Report R Oct 2015 request to restrict access
D 5.7 Evaluation of ORIGIN Outcomes and Full Potential R Oct 2015 request to restrict access
D 7.4 Business Model Test Report R Oct 2015 D7.4
D 8.2 Academic Papers Published in Peer-reviewed Conferences and Journals R Oct 2015 D8.2
D 8.4 Dissemination Conferences and Workshops Run R Oct 2015 D8.4
D 4.7 Globally Available Localised Renewable Forecast O Oct 2015 request to restrict access
D 7.7 Findhorn Dynamic Tariff Findings R Oct 2015 request to restrict access