Examples of the Dashboard

Findhorn Dashboard including tariff gadgets

This  is a screen shot of the Findhorn end user interface showing energy and weather information. It also highlights the tariff for the 30th April 2015 and shows that an individual dwelling has saved £6 since the tariff experiment went live and the whole community has saved £307.20. The current availability of renewables is shown by the galloping horse.

Damanhur dashboard

This is the Damanhur dashboard . It also gives the CO2 savings since the launch of ORIGIN in November 2014 . Current renewable availability is now shown via a traffic light system and the forecast table shows forecast renewable availabilty .

Tamera Dashboard

Tamera is not able to export energy to the grid. It uses excess renewable energy to charge batteries. However, the renewable generation sometimes has to be curtailed so this is recorded via the curtailment gadget.In this screenshot current renewable availability is shown via a plant. The energy generation vs Demand gadget shows in a graphical way the electrical demand,  renewable generation and any shortfall  or surplus.

The 3 communities have access to these gadgets and can choose how they are dispalyed ( the 2 tariff gadgets are unique to Findhorn and the curtailment gadget is unique to Tamera otherwise all the gadgets are available to all 3 communities.